Learning 2 Work CIC ceases trading on August 31st 2017.

Learning 2 Work was a Key Stage 4 programme operating in Exeter and East & Mid Devon. It offered a package of learning and training courses for young people who found it difficult to engage in the standard curriculum and were at risk of disengagement.


Learning 2 Work operated for 11 years (2006 – 2017) with over six hundred Year 10 and 11 students enrolled on a wide range of programmes. Since L2W became a social enterprise in 2011 92.3% of the students gained accreditation for their L2W course, 87.9% progressed to post-16 learning or employment and, of those, 92.5% were still on track six months later.


We would like to thank all our partners. Over the years L2W worked with 23 schools and nine providers, with support from Active Devon, Careers South West and DCC. Particular mention should be made of the school co-ordinators and the course tutors who made great efforts to engage with the students and help them succeed.


Trevor Day and Lucie Caspar


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